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How to Create a Standard Operating Procedure for Your Organization

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大多数人将标准操作程序(SOPs)与高度专业化或严格管制的组织十大正规买球平台在一起, 如医院, 研究机构, 政府机构, 或者是军事. 然而, these are not just for complex organizations, 甚至在较小的领域和任务中都具有很高的价值(生物技术应用), 2012). To help you create and apply SOPs to your organization, our strategic planning agency in Minneapolis is sharing the steps on getting started.

What Are Standard Operating Procedures?

First, let’s look at what precisely an SOP is. 环境保护署(EPA)将其定义为“一组书面的、详细的说明,记录了一个组织为实现某一特定功能的一致性而遵循的日常或重复的活动”。United States Environmental Protection Agency, 2007).“基本上, 它是关于如何执行任务或活动的分步指南,以便组织中的每个人都以相同的方式完成任务, 它是用一种即使不熟悉这个任务的人也能完成的方式写的.

In addition to being a type of training guide, an SOP is meant to be a direct communication to ensure compliance, 问责制, 和效率(Sajdak等. al. 2013). For every task at your business, an SOP can be written, including:

  • 完成工资;
  • 向客户发送发票;
  • 运输和接收订单;
  • 新员工培训新客户;
  • 让新员工入职;
  • Completing an annual evaluation with an employee;

Why Are Standard Operating Procedures Necessary for Your Organization?

SOPs are used in regulated industries to ensure and demonstrate compliance. 似乎没有必要为企业的日常操作和任务制定一个SOP, but consider the benefits to having them.


当一个组织中的每个人都以相同的方式完成一项任务时,结果就会保持一致. Whether the SOP is designed to ensure quality control, 公平与员工, or provide the same level of service to every client, 组织中的每个人都知道如何以同样的方式执行任务,也知道期望从结果中得到什么.


In an organization where team members are performing the same task in different ways, training becomes more difficult, and often the new employee becomes confused, 不知所措, 和沮丧. 当有一个标准的方法, it doesn’t matter who is over training, 新员工将学习执行任务的正确方法,也将有一个参考,当他们单独工作时. 这使得培训过程更加顺利和快速,同时帮助新员工在他们的角色中感到更加自信和舒适.


One of the greatest challenges an organization faces is replacing an experienced, 长期的员工, 不管他们是什么角色,因为组织会失去这个人发展出来的知识和技能. As a new person takes over that role, the organization may struggle. 然而, when there is an SOP for the tasks involved in that role, 它促进了知识的转移,使员工和组织的过渡更加顺利.


When everyone is completing a task in the same way, 管理人员更容易确定过程中哪里存在问题,以及如何改进它们. As a new standard of operations is adopted for the task, the team learns the updated methods and is properly trained, improving efficiency across the board.

How to Create a Standard Operating Procedure for Your Organization

对于大多数组织, an SOP will be a fairly straightforward, 循序渐进的指导, and most will have the same template:

  • 介绍任务,描述为什么它是重要的和结果将是什么;
  • A sequence of steps to achieve the outcome;
  • Any references, definitions, or contacts with concerns or problems.

As you write your SOP for a task, ensure success with these tips:

Assume Unfamiliarity of the Task

标准操作程序应该以这样一种方式编写,即目标读者能够理解并遵循任务. You’ll want to use very specific language and eliminate ambiguity. 想象一下,一个员工在第一天尝试阅读并遵循SOP——他们能够在很少的帮助下做到这一点吗?


As this is a more technical document, 你要提供清晰的信息, plain instructions and avoid causing confusion through jargon. 如果因为它是行业标准而必须包含它,那么提供一个定义.

Break Sections into Small Steps

Avoid overwhelming the reader by breaking the task down into small steps, 必要时使用简短的段落,可能时使用编号列表或要点. This makes the SOP easy to read and follow.


If possible, provide visual examples of the steps. 例如, if the SOP is related to completing payroll, 添加正在使用的软件的截图,这样读者可以更容易地十大正规买球平台到说明.


从起草到测试SOP,您都希望团队成员参与到创建过程中来. This will help you find blind spots, 提高效率, 并从具有不同背景和经验的人那里获得对任务有价值的见解.

Test the Standard Operating Procedure

Before rolling out the SOP, make sure it’s tested thoroughly. 我们建议让有经验和没有经验的人完成任务,以确保没有漏掉任何步骤,并且指示是清晰的.

Schedule a Consultation for Strategic Planning with Woodland Strategies

While your SOP will tell you how to complete tasks, you may be finding challenges in other areas of your business or organization. For strategic planning assistance in scaling your business, 实现新业务, 和其他挑战, reach out to Woodland Strategies, 一个领先的正规买球十大平台机构在明尼阿波利斯都市区填写下面的十大正规买球平台表格.

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