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“教育是我们通往未来的通行证, 明天属于今天为它做准备的人."

While the past year showed how school districts could rise to the challenges of helping students access remote learning, 研究表明,它根本没有在教室里学习那么有效(Chen, Dorn, Sarakatsannis和Wiesinger, 2021年). We know that learning gains and knowledge retention is significantly reduced for students in remote learning settings, 虽然目前还不清楚事故的全部程度, research indicates that students may return with fewer than 50 percent of the learning gain in math and 70 percent in reading compared to a typical school year (Kuhlfeld和Tarasawa, 2020年).

学生们返校迎接2021-2022年, 对于许多, 这是他们16个月来第一次进入教室, 现在,学校面临着如何确保学生赶上的挑战. 帮助你确定一条最好地正规买球十大平台你的学生的前进道路, our 正规买球十大平台 company is sharing tips on how to create strategies to address and recover from learning loss in your school.


The concept of “learning loss” is nothing new as it refers to how students lose knowledge and skills due to a gap or continuity in their education. 传统上, educators saw this after summer breaks in which the first few weeks of school are spent reviewing and relearning information students learned the previous year. 在较小程度上,寒假和春假也会出现学习损失.

然而, the past 18 months brings a different challenge to schools because there is no consistency in the learning loss students experienced. 例如, students who had consistent access to a laptop or tablet and internet as well as a quiet place in which to attend their class and study along with a parent or caregiver available to assist most likely received the same quality of education as pre-pandemic. 分享技术的学生, 对Internet的访问不一致, 从看护人那里得到最少帮助的孩子更有可能学习困难. 通常,这些学生本来就很脆弱,因为他们是被边缘化人群的一部分(Dorn, Hancock, Sarakatsannis和Viruleg 2020),因此学习损失将特别令人担忧. 甚至那些拥有上述好处的学生也可能经历过失去亲人的创伤, 过去一年的骚乱, 以及抑郁或焦虑, 所有这些都会影响学习.


而学校正在寻找解决学习差距和进展缓慢的方法, 研究表明,如何处理这个问题可以决定学生今后的成功. 曾任教师和教育专家, 罗恩·伯杰, warns districts against the inclination to “quantify learning loss” through diagnostic tests and assessments as these can lead to long-term equality issues as students are separated into remediation. Even more troubling is that this method can compound or worsen the mental health challenges students dealt with over the past 18 months as they are pushed into testing or cycled into remediation, 导致接触和信心的丧失.


  1. Working closely with teachers to see how students are recovering and gaining ground to determine where or if remediation is necessary to address learning loss in individual students.
  2. 建立与学生的关系,并提供支持的氛围,以重建信心, 信任, 克服过去18个月所经历的创伤(康托尔,等. al. 2020).

与这一观点, your school or district will have a better understanding of how to implement a successful strategy that will make the best impact for students from both a developmental and educational perspective.


新学年伊始,你们面临着各种各样的挑战, 考虑使用这些提示来创建一个战略计划,如何解决和恢复学习损失.


在过去的18个月里,每个学生都有不同的经历, 重要的是要解决大多数学生面临的问题,以及这些问题如何影响学习. 一位教育工作者短缺, 学生中贫困人口的增加, 或COVID-19造成的高损失是影响您的大多数学生的因素. 确定并解决这些问题将有助于指导你的战略.


Surveys are an excellent tool to determine the specific challenges your students are facing and gain insight into what they need from their school and their teachers. Ask a blend of multiple choice and open-ended questions as well as ones that pertain to both the previous year and the upcoming year. 例如,考虑问学生:

  • 你在2020-2021年间是如何上学的?
  • 你对自己能跟上课程进度有多大信心?
  • 你有一个支持你的照顾者来帮助你做功课吗?
  • 你不在学校的时候怎么上网?
  • 本学年你将面临怎样的挑战?
  • 你这个学年的目标是什么?
  • 关于你在过去一年所面临的挑战,你希望你的学校了解什么?

The answers you receive to these questions will help you understand students’ experiences and learn how to make the classrooms more equal despite the differences faced over the past year.


除了确定学生和老师需要什么, 你需要确定你的学校如何利用你的资源来满足这些需求. Some schools may be able to tap into an engaged parent organization who can provide in-school tutoring and support time while others may leverage staff attrition to add temporary teachers and tutors with experience in reading and math to help provide interventions. Other schools may shift to a block-style of schedule that allows teachers more time to catch up on learning during the beginning of the year without overwhelming students who are getting back into traditional learning.


你的学校可能需要和正规买球十大平台专家合作,他们可以帮助你确定和设定目标, 制定必要的行动计划来实现这些目标, 以及调动资源实施行动计划. 与他们的援助, 你的学校将在一页纸上,有一个计划,最好地正规买球十大平台于所有学生的需求.


我们知道你们这个学年面临着多重挑战. 与 正规买球十大平台 从十大正规买球平台, we can help you focus on your priorities and create strategies that will benefit your students beyond academics. 了解更多关于我们如何帮助你的学校或建立一个咨询, 今天通过我们的 触点形式.

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本文或woodlands Strategies, Inc .的任何其他宣传材料. 并不是一个全面的计划吗.

请注意 所有的市场、环境和结果都是不同的. 任何战略计划或营销计划必须遵循所有州和联邦法律法规, 相应的.

正规买球十大平台 直接针对您的个人组织需求进行完整的评估和计划.


因为它在20世纪60年代末被阿尔伯特·汉弗莱(Albert Humphrey)带入商业规划的前沿, SWOT分析已经被企业所采用, 正规买球十大平台, 非营利组织, 甚至让学校做出关键决定并形成策略. 这个计划工具可以用来衡量你的优势, 弱点, 机会, 威胁也可能是有益的, 但往往, organizations rely too heavily on this method while not performing it correctly or without recognizing its 弱点. Our 正规买球十大平台 firm in Minneapolis is providing a closer look at whether you should perform a SWOT analysis on your organization and, 如果是这样的话, 如何避免常见的陷阱.


Most people associate Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) with highly specialized or regimented organizations, 如医院, 研究机构, 政府机构, 或者是军事. 然而, 这不仅仅适用于复杂的组织, 甚至在较小的领域和任务中都具有很高的价值(生物技术应用), 2012). 以帮助您创建sop并将其应用于您的组织, 我们在明尼阿波利斯的正规买球十大平台机构正在分享开始的步骤.


过去的一年对非营利组织来说非常具有挑战性. The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent economic downturn as well as a focus on racial justice and equality led to organizations struggling to maintain a relevant message in a struggling climate (Kim & 梅森,2020). 然而, organizations that are able to realign their strategic vision and implement it are able to weather changes and thrive. 帮助你为未来做准备, our 正规买球十大平台 company in Minneapolis is sharing the five signs your nonprofit needs to update your strategic vision.



简单地说,这就是你向世界展示自己的方式. “品牌”一词过去只适用于企业和明星影响力, 但当然,现在个人品牌对许多人来说已经变得至关重要(Castrillon), 2019). 个人品牌是使你成为你自己的技能和经验的独特组合. 这就是你给公众留下的印象.

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